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Emiran Curtmola joins Teradata


Yannis Katsis joins INRIA ENS Cachan as a postdoc in the context of the Webdam project


Nicola Onose joins UC Irvine as a postdoc in the context of the ASTERIX project


Alin Deutsch is promoted to Associate Professor


Yannis Papakonstantinou is promoted to Full Professor


Victor Vianu is named ACM Fellow


Liying Sui joins Microsoft Search


Alan Nash joins IBM Almaden


app2you project wins funding award from UCSD's "von Liebig Center for Enterpreneurism and Technology Advancement"


The work "Interactive Query Formulation on Web Service-Accessed Sources" by Michalis Petropoulos, Alin Deutsch and Yannis Papakonstantinou receives honorable mention as one of the Top-3 works published in ACM SIGMOD 2006


DB group publishes 7 papers in ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2006


Alin Deutsch receives prestigious 2006 Sloan Fellowship


DB group receives grant from Center for Networked Systems (CNS) to develop Grid-based XQuery processor


DB group receives highly competitive NSF IKM grant for work on specification and verification of data-driven Web services


DB group receives support from Tarari Inc. and UC MICRO match funds to work on efficient execution of multiple XQueries on Stream Data


Yu Xu joins IBM SVL


Michalis Petropoulos joins SUNY Buffalo


DB group publishes 6 papers in ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2005 [Read more...]


DB group publishes 3 papers in ICDT


Alin Deutsch receives NSF CAREER award


Vagelis Hristidis joins FIU


Andrey Balmin joins IBM Almaden


Alan Nash receives prestigious MicrosoftResearch Fellowship for 2004-2006.


Database group receives NSF Information Technology Research award for "Querying Sequentially-Accessed XML Data" .


San Diego, California (June 9-12, 2003)

1 Utilizing IDs to Accelerate Incremental View Maintenance
International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD) , 2015
Yannis Katsis , Kian Win Ong , Yannis Papakonstantinou , Kevin Keliang Zhao
2 A Reduction of N1QL into SQL++ Core
Technical Report, 2015
Kian Win Ong , Yannis Papakonstantinou , Gerald Sangudi
3 The SQL++ Unifying Semi-structured Query Language, and an Expressiveness Benchmark of SQL-on-Hadoop, NoSQL and NewSQL Databases
Technical Report, 2014
Kian Win Ong , Yannis Papakonstantinou , Romain Vernoux
4 FORWARD: Data-Centric UIs using Declarative Templates that Efficiently Wrap Third-Party JavaScript Components
VLDB Demo , 2014
Yupeng Fu , Kian Win Ong , Yannis Papakonstantinou , Erick Zamora
5 Holistic Data Access Optimization for Analytics Reports
Technical Report, 2013
Yupeng Fu , Kian Win Ong , Yannis Papakonstantinou , Romain Vernoux
6 Declarative Ajax Web Applications through SQL++ on a Unified Application State
Workshop on Database Programming Languages (DBPL) , 2013
Yupeng Fu , Kian Win Ong , Yannis Papakonstantinou
7 Mapping XML to a Wide Sparse Table
International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) , 2012
Liang Jeff Chen , Philip A. Bernstein , et al.
8 Trajectory and Policy Aware Sender Anonymity in Location Based Services
Technical Report, 2012
Alin Deutsch , Richard Hull , Avinash Vyas , Kevin Keliang Zhao
9 Update Rewriting and Integrity Constraint Maintenance in a Schema Evolution Support System
International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB) , 2011
Carlo Aldo Curino , Hyun Jin Moon , Alin Deutsch , Carlo Zaniolo
10 Automatic Verification of Data-Centric Business Processes
Business Process Management (BPM) , 2011
Elio Damaggio , Alin Deutsch , Richard Hull , Victor Vianu


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