• Building live, reactive and information-dense dashboards using FORWARD - Costas Zarifis

  • We present FORWARD, a novel web application framework that facilitates the development of live, information-dense dashboards that react to user input. FORWARD provides a template language that can be used to describe data access, data processing and data visualization, in a declarative fashion, without requiring complex imperative logic. Additionally, FORWARD’s incremental view maintenance capabilities automatically propagate changes to the visual layer, whenever the underlying data change or the user interacts with the generated visualizations, without requiring any additional code by the developers.
    In this DB Seminar, we will provide an overview of the capabilities of FORWARD and we will demonstrate the supported features through a sequence of tutorials, in which the audience will build applications that range from simple visualizations to more advanced live and highly reactive dashboards.
    Tutorial: http://ec2.zarifis.info/ForwardTutorial/presentation_pages/index.html