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ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2003 Conference

San Diego, California
June 9-12, 2003

Student Poster Session

SIGMOD/PODS, in association with FCRC, sponsor a session aimed at showcasing the “work-in-progress” of students attending the conference. The goal of the poster session is to present students' current research and provide an opportunity for informal discussion of the work with the students. Topics of interest are the same as research topics in SIGMOD/PODS 03. The poster seesion is being jointly held with FCRC'03 on June 9 (Monday) evening and June 11 (Wednesday) evening from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Precise time and place of the activity will be announced later.

The author(s) of the poster have to be students (but you may want to acknowledge your advisor). Poster proposal should be e-mailed to Yannis Papakonstantinou by May 7, 2003. Authors will be notified by May 9, 2003 at the latest but we will also be accepting posters without waiting for all submissions, since we do not expect a space issue. Hence the number of accepted posters will only depend on the quality of the submissions. Note that there will be no extensions. At the conference, posters must be presented by a student. Only posters of unpublished work (and work that will not be presented in any of the FCRC'03 venues) will be considered.

Why should you submit a poster?

This is a great chance for students to obtain interesting and valuable feedback on on-going research from a knowledgeable crowd at the FCRC'03.

What is a poster?

A poster is a 30" x 40" rectangular board on which you can affix visually appealing material that describes your research. How you use this is up to you: you may choose to print out several 8.5"x11" or A4 sheets of paper (e.g., paper copies of overheads) and "tile" the poster board with these pages. Or, you may choose to print a single large sheet of paper describing the work and attach that to the poster board. You may bring your own poster boards if you like. Several document companies like Kinko's produce professional-looking posters from material produced on software like Powerpoint; you may want to use such a facility. You should prepare the best material (visually appealing and succinct) that effectively communicates your research problem, techniques, results, and what is novel and important about your work.

Application procedures

If you are a student and are interested in this, then submit the following to Yannis:
  1. ASCII text file describing the research to be presented in the poster, in 1000 words or less. Include the title, authors, and institutional affiliations and contact information. This may contain a URL, for further information.
  2. A draft of the poster material in PDF. Include the title, authors, and institutional affiliations.

Send your submission in one e-mail message with two attached parts: ASCII text file describing the research and PDF poster draft.

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