The Demo

The scenario implemented in this demonstration is that of a simple computer-purchasing site. The web site makes catalogs (stored in the underlying database) available to customers.


An overview of this site's web pages can be found here.


Customers generate purchase orders, part of which they may subsequently cancel. If an order is already shipped, the customer cannot cancel it.

In the demo, you will see three frames. The left top frame shows the dynamically generated web page. You can interact with the web site by inputting text (such as user name and password), choosing items from menus, and clicking buttons. The web site will react to your input by transferring you to a new page, posting more data and/or taking some actions such as sending confirmation emails. The left bottom frame shows the specification of the page, and the right frame shows the state as the interaction progresses. The underlying toy database can be visualized at any time by clicking the "show database" button in the right frame.

The user can start interacting with the website either by logging in as an existing user using a name and password shown in the database, or by registering first as a new user.

During the demo, please do not use the browser's navigation buttons such as "back" and "forward". You can use the navigation buttons provide in the left top frame, and please logout after you are done.