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Database Systems
CSE232 Spring 2018

General class info

Lecture notes and practice problems will be on this class web page. We very strongly suggest that you attend all lectures. There will also be announcements and discussion on the piazza discussion and announcements board - you will be invited to it.


Office Hours

  • Yannis Papakonstantinou: Wed (3:30 PM -- 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM -- 6:15 PM), CSE 3248
  • Chunbin Lin: Thu (10:30 AM -- 12:30 PM, CSE 3232) and Fri (10:00 AM -- 11:00 AM, CSE 4217)
  • Costas Zarifis: Tue (6 PM -- 8 PM at CSE 3217) and Friday (5.15 PM -- 6.15 PM at CSE 3217)

Important Dates

  • Midterm: May 4, 2018
  • Final: will take place at the date announced by the school


"Database Systems: The Complete Book" by Garcia, Ullman, and Widom.

Handouts and Animations

Print out and bring a copy of the relevant handout before the corresponding lecture. The topics will be covered in the order shown below. If you do not have easy access to a printer, please email the TA and we will be bringing a handout copy for you at the corresponding lecture.

  • Introduction, relational model overview, and SQL overview (pdf)
  • Hardware aspects (pdf).
  • Indexing, incl. B-Trees, hashing indices and multi-key indices (pdf). The index insertion/deletion animations (pptx).
  • Query Processing and Optimization (pdf). The Ingres algorithm animation (pptx).
  • Failure Recovery (pdf)
  • Concurrency Control (pdf)
  • More on Transaction Processing (pdf)
  • Distributed query processing and Incremental View maintenance (pdf)
  • Beyond the Relational Data Model: Querying Semistructured Data with SQL++ (pdf)
  • Parallel query processing (pdf)
  • Column databases (pdf)

Grade Computation

There are:

  • Three take-home homeworks. Worth 4% in total (1.333% each).
  • A midterm (in class). The midterm is 25% or 30% of your grade.
  • A final exam, which counts for 71% or 66% of your final grade
That is, your final grade will be the best of the following two schemes:
  • Homeworks 4%, Midterm 25%, Final 71%, or
  • Homeworks 4%, Midterm 30%, Final 66%

Rules & Policies

Exam Rules

You may use books, class notes, calculators but no computers (and database systems:) during the exams. You don't need to bring paper on which to write your answers. We will provide it. There are no makeup midterms or finals under any circumstance whatsoever. The only acceptable reason to miss a midterm or final is that the student has some valid, certified personal health problem at the time or some extremely important immediate family emergency - also certified. In the latter two cases the grade will be based upon the remaining grade components.

Grading Policies

Write clear arguments. Be neat and precise. Getting the right answer may not be enough. The derivation and quality of writing counts! Don't write many different things in hope that you'll get the points if one of them is the right one. Indeed, you will lose points if you follow such a policy.

Practice Problems

Practice problems:

Reading List

The reading list is primarily based on selected sections of the "Complete Book". Items marked as C is material that is covered in the class and you should study. Items marked as C* are relatively more important.

Read also the SQL++ paper.